Water Transportation

Price list

For owners of the tokens, in case of exercising their right to transport water

(is not equivalent to the commercial price list)

Valid for 2020 with pickup at the headquarters of FuturAqua Plc.

Extraction fee of 1 litre of water: net 3,89 HuF (from the deep to the surface)

Due to the lack of logistics, we offer the following means.

In case of bottling: bottling price is net 75 HuF/litre

In case you wish the water to be bottled in the own branded glass bottle (0,33 litre) of FuturAqua Plc., the price of the bottle with cap is net 125 HuF/each.

Depositary price of the crate:

  • wooden crate: net 4 500 HuF/each
  • plastic crate: net 2 500 HuF/each

Other solutions:

Paper box (3 litre): Unavailable

Tank (19 litre): net 3 100 HuF/each

The net prices don’t contain the 27% VAT.